What materials are used?

We hang a recycled paper plantable seed tag from the label on your Baile goodie, which can be planted to produce some beautiful flowers. Once your item has been grabbed and packed lovingly, we slip it into our compostable mailing bag, which is made from potato starch & natural biological sources. These mailing bags are 100% compostable, biodegradable and plastic free, an excellent eco alternative to traditional polythene mailing bags.

We pride ourselves on maintaining a plastic free delivery experience, it is of vital importance that we cut out single use plastic in any way we can. 

Our minimal stickers that accompany your goodies are another great example of reduce, reuse & recycle. They are made using 100% recycled paper materials & are great for multiple use! Peal it off & stick on your laptop just for the lols or to represent the difference one small act of supporting sustainability can make! 

How does this make a difference?

As mentioned above, we are single use plastic free! It feels good to shout that. Each delivery we make cuts out the use of wasted plastic & unnecessary trimmings that go along with it. By supporting us, you have chosen to show your dedication to help remove single use plastic from one part of your everyday life, we thank you for this.