Take 60 seconds for yourself and tune in to this weeks amazingly talented @yogaenergywithkatie as she helps us to destress from a busy week. Head over to our instagram to catch a glimpse of Katie's meditation techniques that will be sure to ease the stress of our daily lives. 

"Hi I'm Katie
Since 2016, I have been working as a Yoga Teacher after studying in Rishikesh, India. Yoga to me is more than a physical practice, but rather a lifestyle.

I utilised my time in lockdown last year and continued my studies with more Yoga training and Menstural Cycle Awareness Training with @kitty_maguire_yoga and The Celtic Wheel with @marikennedywisdom
With this knowledge under my belt, and a huge amount of passion and time, my Bean Feasa Membership was born!!

Bean Feasa, pronounced Ban Fas-sa which translates from Irish to Wise Women, is an online wellness space for women.

This online platform allows us to meet virtually, for Yoga Classes, Meditations, Full Moon Rituals, and Celtic traditions, with the aim of empowering women while honouring the memory of the Wise Women who came before us."
February 05, 2021 — Dean Kirwan