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By rosieandruby, Nov 22 2014 01:53PM

Baile clothing is looking for stockists to sell their branded t-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies.

Who we are and what we stand for

Baile Clothing brand is a streetwear brand inspired by the favela’s of Brazil. Baile meaning dance in Spanish is also used in Brazil to name thier street dances.

The Baile brand stands for unity, passion and stregnth, we are about uniting people in the love of life. Baile is community, Baile is fun, Baile is sharing an adventure together.

The Baile brand uses ethical suppliers and products that have been recyled, are organic and fairly traded. Sourcing is done from companies in the UK and printing is done locally to Timsbury in Somerset, UK.

Empahsis is on colour and inspiration has been gained from art projects that have been happening in the favela’s of Rio.

Favela Kites print
Favela Kites print

For more information please get in touch.

By rosieandruby, Jul 17 2014 08:08AM

Just put some mock ups on to the store page to show what lovely baile brand t-shirts will be coming soon.

check them out and like on facebook


By rosieandruby, Jul 14 2014 10:05PM

Very very excited to announce that South West England based clothing brand 'Baile' will be on sale in our on line store very soon. We are on the look out for stockists so if you feel that our brand could compliment your extisting stock please get in touch.

All t-shirts and sweatshirts are made from eco and recycled fabrics. The brand is all about colour and graphics and the name was inspired by the baile funk parties in Rio de Janeiro.

By guest, Jul 14 2014 09:49PM

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